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The clothes for empowering self-made intelligent women and all genders who live in this world strongly without stereotypes of gender, ethnicity and age.

Whenever and Wherever, You are Always YOU.

Mikage Shin Profile:

Mikage Shin was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1991.

She is an aspiring designer for Japan who is rapidly making her way mark within the underground fashion scene. Even though she came to New York in 2017, Mikage has already achieved NYFW, VFW, Miami Fashion Week, Hotel Asia Art Fair 2019's special exhibition successfully. MIKAGE SHIN works were on VOGUE ITALIA, Teen VOGUE, Refinary 29, L'OFFICIEL LITHUANIA and more. On December 31, 2018, her fashion show was also featured by NY1 Spectrum News.

In Mikage’s childhood, her Japanese father and her Korean mother divorced. Mikage and her sister were taken by the mother, and she began to think about―what was the best life for women, what was the importance of nationality, what was the identity―? From these backgrounds, Mikage has been highly interested in social problems. Mikage had challenged lots of social actions since she was in senior high school.

In addition to that, she was really into another thing―FASHION. Mikage was impressed by various fashion styles that could change a person’s impression completely different. Thanks to fashion, she found that what she liked could shape her real identity. It is not decided by nationality, age, and social status. You can be what you want to be by yourself. Mikage could gain self-confidence through fashion.

In 2014, Mikage graduated from Waseda University and entered Dentsu as a marketing planner in 2014. However, she could not give up her dreams. She quit the company and entered PARSONS the New School for Design in 2017 to fulfill her dream. While she was in Parsons School of Design, Mikage Shin became an aspiring designer and got shooting offers from NY based fashion creators. Her works has already been published in several print and digital outlets, including Flanelle Magazine, Soleil Magazine, Afropolitian and more.

Mikage is eager to create new genderless and ageless brands for empowering today’s intelligent self-made woman and individual, who lives in such a difficult time without any unreasonable limitation and stereotype. The 20th century’s art history and 21st century’s social problems highly inspire her avant-garde designs. Since she firmly believes that fashion definitely can promote self-confidence and change their life greatly, she is creating best clothes today.


1991年東京都出身。2014年、早稲田大学政治経済学部卒業。同年、株式会社電通に入社。退社後、2017年パーソンズ美術大学に入学。在学時にNYFWでのショーに招待される。以降、在学中にNY、フィラデルフィア、ヒューストン、マイアミ等米国内のファッションウィークに招待されコレクションを発表。これまでにVOGUE ITALIA, Teen VOGUE,, L'OFFICIEL LITHUANIA, Refinary29, Flanelle Magazine, Soleil Magazine, Afropolitian 等の各メディアに作品が掲載され、2018年12月にNY1 Spectrum NewsよりTV取材を受ける。2019年5月、パーソンズ美術大学卒業。同年9月よりNYで自身のレーベル、MIKAGE SHINをスタートし、NYFW2020SS、VFW2020SSに参加。2019年10月より販売をスタート。NYFW2020と、PFW2020での初のパリでのショーに参加が決定している。現在に至る。

2018 Invited to Night of Fashion NY as a designer
2018 Invited to NYFW by LAN OF FASHION
2018 Invited to Fashion Showcase by LAN OF FASHION
2019 Invited to the Art Gala in Philadelphia
2019 Invited to HAUTE Fashion Runway on June 29
2019 Invited to Miami Fashion Week 
2019 Invited to NYFW 2020SS  as CFDA official schedule
2019 Invited to Vancouver Fashion Week 2020SS as official designer