【Reserved product】 Versatile wrapping pants

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It is a great popular series that is a brand signature. The silhouette of the moment you wear is quite beautiful, and if it matches with the jacket of the set, it depends better.

The waist has four buttons and can be adjusted freely to the west size. Loosen the West and wear a waist and destroy the zout pants wind, and wear it with a high-waist in the smallest size and wear it. There is a hidden button on the hem, and the mood can be expanded and contracted in two stages.

Material is one of the highest quality wool and a sustainable material that blended recycled polyester. Easy Care is enabled, and it is possible to use home laundry and irons at home if it is put on the net. (Low temperature recommended)
We play an active part in a wide range of scenes from Daily to Formal.

※ This will be a reserved product. The delivery is scheduled for February 2022.


Model Wear Size: F
West: 70 cm ~ (Rubber Waist), Crotch: 24.2cm, Increase: 78.8 cm (Size F)

Model size:
Womens' model: Heirs: 167 cm Bust: 78 cm West: 56cm Hip: 86cm
Men's Model: Heirs: 185cm Bust: 84 cm West: 69cm Hip: 91 cm

Material: Wv52% recycled Polyester 43% PU5%


● Cancellation of reserved products is disabled.
● For the convenience of production, there may be some changes to delivery and specifications.
● The image is a sample image. If the photos and actual products are slightly different, the specifications may be changed without notice. Please note.

[Size Guide] Women: F: FREE, 0: S, 1: M, 2: L, 3: XL, 4: XXLMEN: F: FREE, 0: XS, 1: S, 2: M, 3: L, 4: XL