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"We pursue genuine creations for all independent and intelligent individuals to be more yourself, beyond gender, age and nationality. Fashion is attitude."

Brand's Biography :

MIKAGE SHIN is the luxury fashion brand established by Mikage Shin in New York since 2019. The brand has proposed new architectural layers with genderless narrative aesthetic. The 20th century’s art history and 21st century’s social problems highly inspire Mikage’s avant-garde designs. MIKAGE SHIN has been featured by VOGUE ITALIA, ELLE, Teen VOGUE, VFILES, Refinary 29, L'OFFICIEL LITHUANIA and lots of diverse artists. MIKAGE SHIN successfully achieved its first PFW runway show in February 2020.

Also, Mikage aspires that fashion should be making human’s happiness for both customers and workers. Mikage does fair contracts and collaborates with skilled NYC and Japanese craftsmen with deep trusts and fine quality. For empowering all women and all creative people who has own attitude and firm identity, Mikage is challenging more innovative designs with her creativity, today.

Designer's Biography :

Mikage Shin /CEO and Designer

Mikage was born in Tokyo in 1991. Just after graduating from Waseda University, Mikage joined Dentsu. After leaving the company, she entered PARSONS College of Art and Design in NY.

While still in school, Mikage was invited to participate in a show at NYFW. Since then, she has been invited to many fashion weeks such as NYFW to show her collection. Mikage's work has been published in VOGUE ITALIA, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, VFILES, etc., and she was interviewed on TV by NY1 Spectrum News in December 2018.

In May 2019, she graduated from Parsons School of Design. In October of the same year, she started her label, MIKAGE SHIN, in New York.

Mikage was based in New York globally until 2020, but moved her base to Japan in September 2020.

Since her move, she has been featured in VOUGE JAPAN, WWD USA, WWD JAPAN, GINZA, SPUR, SO-EN, GQ JAPAN, and more. Mikage also participated in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2021 AW for the first time and received an exceptional response due to the high quality of her work.

In addition, Mikage's statements against gender discrimination and respect for diversity, as well as her sincere social stance on social issues such as the SDGs, have led her to receive numerous independent interviews from outside the fashion industry, including COSMOPOLITAN JAPAN and HuffPost Japan.

Mikage is currently one of the up-and-coming designers that the media is most interested in.

Graduated from Waseda University
Joined Dentsu Inc.
Enrolled in Parsons School of Design
Participated in NYFW and appeared in many other shows
Official participation in VFW, and appeared in many other shows
Participated in NYFW and Paris Fashion Week
First participation in Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

進美影/ 代表取締役兼デザイナー

1991年東京都出身。早稲田大学を卒業後、電通に入社。退社後NYのPARSONS美術大学に入学し、在学時にNYFWでのショーに招待される。以降、卒業前からNYFW等多数のファッションウィークに招待されコレクションを発表。これまでにVOGUE ITALIA,

ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, VFILES等のメディアに作品が掲載され、2018年12月にNY1 Spectrum NewsよりTV取材を受ける。2019年5月、パーソンズ美術大学を卒業。

同年10月よりNYで自身のレーベル、MIKAGE SHINをスタート。

2020年までNew Yorkを拠点にグローバルに活動していたが、同年9月に拠点を日本に移動。拠点移動後、VOUGE JAPAN、 WWD USA、WWD JAPAN、GINZA、SPUR、装苑、GQ JAPAN、等にも取材・掲載される。また、初参加となったRakuten Fashion Week TOKYO2021AWではその完成度の高さから異例の反響を受けVOGUE JAPANのみならずWWD USAなど国内のみならず海外メディアをも席巻し一躍注目を集めることとなる。

さらに、デザイナー自身のバックグラウンドからジェンダー差別に反対し多様性を尊重する発言や、SDGsといった社会問題にも真摯に取り組む社会的姿勢から、COSMOPOLITAN JAPANやHuffPost Japanなどファッション業界以外のからも単独取材を多数受ける。今メディアがもっとも注目する気鋭デザイナーの一人である。

早稲田大学政治経済学部 卒業
株式会社電通 入社
Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo初参加