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Hakama Co-ord Dress

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     This look comes from MIKAGE SHIN's first collection, "Hakama Collection". This Co-ord sets are composed by separated tops and skirt.

    Since Japan became westernized very fast after the Meiji Restoration in the 19th century, the female traditional clothes were changed into more active way. During the Meiji and Taisho periods, most female activists and female students liked to wear Hakama as everyday clothes both inside and outside of school. They fought for acquiring their human rights, suffrage, education rights and more equalities as same as male. Therefore, Hakama was the symbol of them, a modern women's strong will for the new era. Mikage Shin, the designer was deeply impressed by this story, and got inspiration. Mikage interpreted Hakama as the symbol of human empowerment, and Mikage translated it into today's style for empowering today’s all people.

    ・ High neck multi layered tops and pleating layered skirt co-ord.

    ・ Heavy cotton layer is on the satin, and Neoprene layer is on that heavy cotton.

    ・ Matched with long zipper on center back.

    ・ Volume sleeve has inside gather in a cuff.

    ・ The skirt is made up of pleated layer and inside layer.

    ・ Matched with side zipper.

    ・ The top layer's two buckle belts are adjustable.

    ・Poly satin lining.

    ・According to purchasing, details and some specifications are subject
       to change without notice.

    ・This photo is for illustrative purposes. Details and colors of the images might
        be different from the real products.

    ・Made in USA.

    ・One size only. Fits for size XS, S/ Size 0 to Size 6


    Yeon Hee (South Korean): 5'9" / 179cm