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Power Shoulder Stitch Coat

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This look comes from MIKAGE SHIN's thesis collection, "Loosing Substances: Metaphysics to Physics, between or among Genders". Mikage, the designer wanted to challenge boring gender  stereotypes. They are completely meaningless today. The designer, Mikage, got inspiration from this social situation, and attempted to express new beauty and coolness by combining exaggeration of old gender bias of male and female.

For instance, she ironically incorporated Japanesese ancient samurai’s symbolic garment, "Kamishimo”, into this ladies coat . As samurai gained dignity and confidence from Kamishimo's wide shoulder shape, Mikage want to draw today’s all genders’ strong attitude and self-esteem visually and mentally. Also, the eco-leather stitches on the shoulders make  more nonconservative impression for today’s truly intelligent and avant-garde humans.

・Alpaca wool long coat with huge power shoulders and long sleeves.

・Matched with front buttons.

・Waist long belt is adjustable.

・Sleeve has huge stitches made of eco leather.

・Poly satin lining.

・According to purchasing, details and some specifications are subject
   to change without notice.

・This photo is for illustrative purposes.

・This photo is for illustrative purposes. Details and colors of the images might
    be different from the real products.

・Made in USA

・One size fits for all.



Dong Soo (Female/ South Korean)  5.7/ 174cm

Katie (Female/ American): 5'10" / 177.8cm