Attitude & Sustainability

We Make "ATTITUDE" with Creation.


MIKAGE SHIN™️is a fashion brand that creates attitude and self-esteem for all intelligent and creative humans as genderless, ageless and borderless designs.

Whenever and wherever, you are always YOU.

You can be cool, beautiful and anyone that you want to be.

Fashion is not just a fantasy. We believe that fashion should be creative and intelligent communication for people and society.



Finest Clothes Made in NY and Japan with Skilled Craftsman in Fair Wage Contracts

Our all clothes are fully hand-made by our skilled craftsman in NY and Japan. They are very experienced craftsman in luxury fashion industry for more than 30 years. Since we respect each talent and technique as professional, we collaborate with fair wage contract as healthy relationship. We firmly believe that fashion brand should make not only clients’ happiness but also producers’ happiness. 


Reuse Cooperation

From our first season in 2019, we started donating the fabric fragments to FABSCRAP, a charitable and nonprofitable organization to promote reuse and recycling fabric. Also, FABSCRAP is supporting women entrepreneurs. We fully agree and respect with their brand vision.
We plan to do more actions for ecology and solving social gap.


Avoiding Excessive Production and Packaging

We also avoid excessive production and packaging.
We abolish garment boxes and plastic vinyls for packaging. We simply use a shipping box only, and we also use paper wrappings as less as possible. We have also started developing more eco-friendly but safely shipping packages with Japanese company since September 2019.


We are still not perfect or 100% justice against society and sustainability, but we will continue  challenging better actions. It will be clearly better than doing nothing. We try more actions and develop more ideas for better society, because we believe fashion and us should be existing for making human happiness with creative empowerment.