Suminagashi Layered Camisole Dress

¥41,360 ¥103,400

The dorp of the front marble is a brand original dyed with traditional crafts and crafts-style techniques in Kyoto.I expressed the beauty of "Process" with the strange fluidity and its variability that is not coated, that is not fixed, and the variable nature of the fluidity and its variability is not fixed.It is a beautiful dress with a droop that is dressed in a suit that makes it feel the elements of the union of a kimono.

The base of the camisole one-piece is a wool polyester material.It is also possible to use ironing and home care in houses that are familiar to formal scenes as well as materials that are familiar to the scenes.Innar has a strong aaganj-like high-necked material set in the set, which saves skin exposure well and provides a moderate amount of lightness and a sense of nuisance in styling.

This is a one-piece piece that is elegy, but can be used for even a single piece of work and an active daily activity.

The ferry is scheduled to be delivered in September 2021.

Model Wear Size: 1
Size: 94.5 cm, Bust: 85.8cm (size 1)
Inner's height: 64 cm, Bust: 100.5cm (size 1)
Materials: Polyester 100 %/Urachi Cupra 100 %
Model Size: Height: 177cm Bust: 80 cm West: 60 cm Hip 88cm

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