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The front marble pattern drape is a brand original dye using traditional crafts and blacking technology in Kyoto. The paint is not mixed, and the mysterious fluidity and its variable beauty were expressed as the beauty of "Process". While being clothes, it is a beautiful dress that makes it possible to feel the sum of the sum of kimono.

West is a rubber belt, and it naturally shapes the West. The drape part is sewed on the West and there is no concern that the silhouette breaks down. Both sides have a side pocket and have a button for falling prevention.

All materials can be used for ironing and easy care at home for polyester, and it is also active in daily.

Model Wear Size: 1
Length: 125 cm, Bust: 91cm, Waist: 76cm (Size 1)
material : POLYESTER96%, Polyurethane 4%, Black Flow Fabric Polyester 100% / Lining CUPRA 100%
Gray Black Wearing Modelo Height: 177cm Chest: 80 cm Waist: 60cm Hip 88cm
Yellow Gray Wearing Modelo Height: 180cm Chest: 84cm Waist: 63cm Hip: 90cm

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[Size Guide]
Women: F: FREE, 0: S, 1: M, 2: L, 3: XL, 4: XXL
MEN: F: Free, 0: XS, 1: S, 2: M, 3: L, 4: XL