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This season's theme of the collection theme, "Tazen and City," is a feature of the term "rural and city", which is a short jacket with an eye on the switch-over of switchboard.

For the stale length of the length of the tall, not too short, it is easy to wear, as if it were a vest, or as a lightweight outerer in the spring, and to stylish it.
The printed fabric of the BLUE and PINK is a sastenabal fabric made of 100 % recycled polyester, and is the original fabric that printed the hand-drawing garment written by the designer.This is a two-way cheque-style texture, which is a combination of two cultures, a Dutch and Japanese minka, which were inconceivated by the Dutch and Japanese houses, which were influenced by the separation of the members of the Separatists' building, which was affected by the influence of the secession of the group.If you want to put them on the Internet, you can do the laundry and the irons at home.(Lowtemperature Recommendations)
GREEN uses the original Jacquard fabric with images of the ivy and the flowers of the countryside.
A silver plate of the original brand is sewn to Geumason, and it gives you a good look at the brand.

*This is a reserved product.It is scheduled to be delivered in February 2022.

Model Wear Size: 1
Kojo: 41.5cm Bust: 112cm (Size1)

Model size:
Men's Model: Height: 185cm Bust: 84 cm West: 69cm Hip: 91cm

BLUE/PINK: Recycled polyester 100 %
GREEN: Rayon 49 % CU 33 % Polyester 18 %

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