Nietzsche Bold Pocket Shirt

¥12,760 ¥31,900

This Textile, which is also a signature of this season, is a brand original design that collages his philosophers and Niethe's past electronic procedures and expresses thinking process and change. Such a great idea and invention has been successfully created, and finished the intelligence and playfulness of the wearing person and the creative.

The base is used to disassemble the XL size of the Vintage shirt made of the US, so it will be worn and large. Long pockets that frame out from the shirt are "not taken into fixed concepts, and out of the frame," in the design penetrating the shirt. It is possible to remove from the shirt body.

The black pocket of the general shirt of Nietche adopts materials made from environmentally friendly Japanese paper. It is an art that can enjoy unique texture.

Model Wear Size: 1
Landing: 84cm, Bust: 124cm (Size 1)

material :
Nietzsche-Polyester 100%, WASHI LEATHER (WASHI 100%, RAYON 100%) 
Black-COTTON 100%, Polyester 100%/ Lining100% CUPRA
Model Size: Height: 186cm Chest: 90 cm West: 73cm Hip 86cm

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[Size Guide]
Women: F: FREE, 0: S, 1: M, 2: L, 3: XL, 4: XXL
MEN: F: Free, 0: XS, 1: S, 2: M, 3: L, 4: XL