Nietzsche Bias Dress

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Nietche pattern is a brand original design that collages past electronic and kneche's past notes and expresses thinking process and change. Such a great idea and invention has been successfully created, and finished the intelligence and playfulness of the wearing person and the creative.

Hyneck's stand color is a set of long chokers with brand logo plates. The front is full of flare, and while matching the energy of the flowing text, it is an intelligent impression in noble. West is a rubber belt and gently shapes the waist.

Because the material is polyester material, the one-piece body can be washed and easy care at home.

Model Wear Size: 1
Length: 129 cm, Waist: 70cm to 98cm (Rubber West), Bust: 98cm (Size 1)
Material: Polyester 100%/ Lining100% CUPRA
Model Size: Height: 177cm Chest: 80 cm Waist: 60cm Hip 88 cm

● For the convenience of production, there may be some changes to delivery and specifications.
● The image is a sample image. If the photos and actual products are slightly different, the specifications may be changed without notice. Please note.

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