Two red long gillets

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This is a long gilet reversible material using the "garden and city" which is the feature of the separation group architecture of this season collection, and the material with natural sense.

You can enjoy the change of the expression even if you put it on the back of the face with the button, and put it on the opposite side and put it as simple as the best.
While the material has a relaxed feeling, piping and waist belt ribbon become an accent, and tightens the whole silhouette.
There are two types of cloth. Beige × Linen is a lily lilac which is easy to wear with a solid color of black.
Linen has been used as a jute material based on the fabric made from recycled fiber. (cellulose is a recycled fiber made by dissolving Eucalyptus (wood) with special solvents). It is noticed as a sustainable fiber friendly to the environment because the liquid is not discharged into the natural world to recover and reuse the solvent. The edge part is piped with eco leather mixed with recycled polyester, and the whole feeling is relaxed to the rural relaxation feeling with the tension of the city.
Lilly applied the technique of lace curtain and made Yuri original illustration of brand. Somewhere, retro texture and patchwork style textile look. Suitable for every item with a light comfort.
Silver logo plate on the neck. With delicate detail, more sophisticated impression. Of course, it is recommended to wear one piece in a shirt, etc., and it lays to the outer side of the spring such as the trench.

* this is a reservation item. Delivery is scheduled for February 2022.


Model size
Height: 127.5 cm (size 1)

Model size
Women's model: height: 167CM bust: 78 cm waist
Men's model: height: 185 cm bust: 84 cm waist: 69 cm hip: 91 cm

Ll: 100%
Ln: cellux 100%

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The image is a sample image. If the product is slightly different, the specification may change without notice. Please understand beforehand.

Size unit: F: free, 0: s, 1: m, 2: l, 3: XL, 4: xxlman: F: free, 0: XS, 1: s, 2: m, 3: l, 4: XL