Flower Layered Wrapping Shirt

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Not only flowers but also the beauty of life power to support life in the ground, attention to the bulbs. It is a brand original floral pattern developed with a beauty, a woman who is not only a beautiful beauty or a cute pretty, but a woman who has a strength that lives, and the beauty of all people.

Bass shirts are inspired by American men's vintage shirts and are pretty big size. The shoulder is designed to fall, and I have a plus to be wild. The bold and architectural layers and front silver buttons and buckle detells accelerate the union of the designer and the detention of the front of the front and their clean impressions.

The base part of the shirt is a shirt with a wing specification. It is possible to open and close at the front desk and remove off. In addition, the inside of the sleeve actually opens up and open and closable, it is possible to open all and wear it as an open sleeve. It is a single arrival that can be enjoyed, overlapping or wearing a feeling of wearing arms. The designer 's playfulness is a glowing.

Model Wear Size: 2
Length: 74 cm (Size2)
Model size:Height: 184 cm chest: 87 cm Waist: 63 cm Hip: 91 cm
Material: 100% COTTON, Polyester 100%

● The image is a sample image. If the photos and actual products are slightly different, the specifications may be changed without notice. Please note.

[Size Guide]
Women: F: FREE, 0: S, 1: M, 2: L, 3: XL, 4: XXL
MEN: F: Free, 0: XS, 1: S, 2: M, 3: L, 4: XL