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Which is a feature of the Secession building meeting this season of the collection theme of "rural and urban" in the keyword, is a popular shirt that switching of the bi-color eye-catching.

Print fabric of BLUE and PINK is a sustainable fabric made of 100% recycled polyester, it is the original fabric was printed hand-painted countryside pattern designer. And rustic rural landscape, houses of the Netherlands, which is a member of Horiguchi 捨己 were affected, followed by Mr. was docked a purple smoke Zhuang was built in Japan, and textiles worked the gimmick of view of the world that there can be no reality it now has.
MARBLE is, to sustainable fabric made of 100% recycled polyester crepe de Chine, was printed the original brand of the marble pattern. The washing process, has achieved a good smooth texture and soft. Both are possible washing and ironing the use of at home if it is possible to turn it over into the net. (Low temperature recommended)
Because of 2WAY specifications sleeves is opened with the button, or issued a missing sense of showing the arm and pointing colors, unique silhouette, such as the kimono sleeve also enjoy.
From private to formal, you can wear your in every scene.

※ This will be a reserved product. The delivery is scheduled for February 2022.

Model Wear Size: 1
Length: 84cm bust: 119cm (Size1)

Model Size: Height: 185cm Bust: 84 cm West: 69cm Hip: 91 cm

BL / PK: Recycled polyester 100%
MB: Recycled polyester 100%

● Cancellation of reserved products is disabled.
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