Garden docking high neck Ops

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It is the sleeveless tops that change the eye to the keyword "the garden and the city" which is the feature of the separation group building meeting of this season collection.

Blue print fabric is a durable fabric made of 100% recycled polyester, and original fabric printed with hand drawn garden pattern by designer. It is a gimmick textile that combines the culture of the naive rural landscape and private houses of Holland where sukemori Horiuchi was influenced by the member, and the two camps of Holland and the Japanese private house that had been docked by Mr. Huang Huang Shan in Japan afterwards. This product is made of durable material with a rich sense of mellow wool and recycled polyester.
If you put it in the net and turn it back, you can use laundry and ironing at home. (low temperature recommended)
Green uses the original jacquard fabric which images the ivy and flowers of the countryside.
With thick sleeves, the impression of the mode to the thick fabric made firmly.
It uses black and black satin fabric for the back and more sophisticated impression.
The brand original silver logo plate is sewn on the high neck portion, and it has a luxury feeling.

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Model size
Height: 51 cm (sibl1) bust: 90 cm

Model size: 167CM bust: 78 cm waist

BL: WV 52% recycled polyester 43% Pu 5% / recycled polyester 100%
GR: Rayon 49% Cu 33% polyester

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