【Reserved product】 Ball EAR CUFF

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It is a brand signature item, an impact earcuff.

From the accessory line with "Astronomical and Planet". It is a geometric ear cuff that has been inspired by the planet and the orbit. Even if the peer hole is open, even if it is a unisex item that can be used, the silver-machined ball parts are in the cavity and not heavy even with the ear.

It is easy to match any styling, shaking at ears and gorgeously in a moment. The wire in the ear cuff part can be bent, so please adjust according to your ears.


Material: Silver, Brass, Plastic

Color: Silver
Size: F
Model Wear Size: F
Dimensions: Ball (Parts part only): 8 cm

● The image is a sample image. If the photos and actual products are slightly different, the specifications may be changed without notice. Please note.