Ball & long chain ear cuff

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It is the impact earring cuff that is the signature item of the brand.

From the accessories line with "celestial body and planet" theme. It is a geometric earpiece cuff inspired by the passage and orbit of the planet. It is an Unisex item that the piercing hole is open and the person who is not open is used, and the silver processing ball part is made into the cavity in the inside, and it is devised not to be heavy even if it is put on the ear. Because the main material of the chain is plastic material, it is a light feeling to be amazingly light.

It is easy to adjust to any styling, it swings in the ear and is bright in a moment.

Please make sure to adjust the wire to the ear of the ear cuff.


Cedar, glass, plastic

Color: Silver
Size: F
Model size: F
Dimensions: ball (parts only): 8cm, chain (parts only): 14.5cm

The image is a sample image. If the product is slightly different, the specification may change without notice. Please understand beforehand.