Wind Swaying High Neck

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Beautiful draped Hyneck's Ashmetry Tops is a popular series that is a brand icon. This season is developed in three colors, and the philosopher · Nietchee's handle is the original collage of Nietche, ivory, and all three colors of black.

Nietche's handle is a brand original textile that expresses thinking process and change. Such a great idea and invention has been successfully created, and finished the intelligence and playfulness of the wearing person and the creative.

Ivory and Black are sustainable collection lines that adopted a recycled polyester satin on the material. There is a toromi, and the texture is a very good texture, and you can feel a sense of gloss and a sense of luxury.

Not only because it is Eco, but firmly designed designers who want to provide purely cute things as fashion.

Model wear size: 0
Length: 61.5cm, Bust: 130.5cm (Size 0)
material :
Nietzsche-Polyester 100%
Ivory, Black-Recycled Polyester 100%
Model size:
Nietzsche wear model-height: 177 cm chest: 80 cm waist: 60 cm hip 88 cm
Ivory Wearing Model-Height: 180cm Chest: 84cm Waist: 63cm Hip: 90cm

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