Vegan Leather Gaucho Pants

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The base uses a new material Vegan leather made of Waka. Not only environmentally friendly but also less than leather, the unique texture that is tired will make sense to styling.

The silhouette is a wide gaucho panty, and the West is a full rubber belt specification. While being a unique design, you can wear it easy without feeling.

The box-type pocket for the front is using Vegan leather made of genuine wood skin. Usually, with a high-grade wood used on the board of Japanese and Shogi, the strength of the wood grain is used as it is and the art atmosphere.

It is an Arzinistic collection piece like organisms that can be raised and enjoyed for yourself to use and enjoy the aging.

Model Wear Size: 1
Material: WASHI LEATHER (WASHI 100%, RAYON 100%), WOOD 90%
Model Size: Height: 177cm Chest: 80 cm Waist: 60cm Hip 88cm

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