Suminagashi Scarf

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This is a scarf that uses a brand original dye using traditional crafts and monochrome techniques in Kyoto.I expressed the beauty of "Process" with the strange fluidity and its variability that is not coated, that is not fixed, and the variable nature of the fluidity and its variability is not fixed.

If you put a set on top-brand Tops, jackets or dresses, and if you hasp your street to formal daily coordination, such as T-shirts and denim, you will be able to get your way in a formal direction.

The next item is the one that the brand is most interested in and proposing as a neckline item.

Model Wearing Size: F
Materials: Polyester 100 %
Model size: Height: 180cm Chest: 84cm West: 63cm Hipp: 90cm 

● There may be some changes in the delivery period or in the specification for production purposes.
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F:Free, 0: S, 1 :M, 2 :L, 3 :XL, 4 :XXL
Men: F:Free, 0 :XS, 1: S, 2 :M, 3 :L, 4 :XL