[Reserved product] Power Sleeve Satin Shirt

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It is a unique shirt bluzon with a unique volume for the sleeve. As a shirt Burzon draped to a 2D cloth and giving air, I tried design with the approach called "Volume". The volume and silhouette that were accumulated in the sleeves were cute, and the exhibition was also popular.

Because of the thickness, early spring and autumn are as light outerwear as a light outerwear, and if it gets warm, it will be familiar with one shirt. The designer itself is committed to the details, and I realized exquisite weight and strength. A shabby nuance collar that is easy to wear in Genderless, let me wear items and scenes.
Because the material is polyester, iron creation and easy care can be made. 1 It is a versatile tops that are wearing long and long.

※ This will be a reserved product. The delivery is scheduled for February 2022.

Model Wear Size: 1
Length: 54 cm Bust: 110.5 cm (size1)

Model size:
Womens' model: Heirs: 167 cm Bust: 78 cm West: 56cm Hip: 86cm
Men's Model: Heirs: 185cm Bust: 84 cm West: 69cm Hip: 91 cm

Material: Polyester 100%

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