Pleats labeled Camisole

¥20,900 ¥41,800

It is a camisole dress which uses the acetate that the layer of long pleats is docked. Acetate is made by reacting with natural fiber called cellulose extracted from pulp and cotton linter and acetic acid. It is usually one of the sustainable materials that is mixed with polyester and is less environmentally loaded than chemical fiber.

Since the pleated part is Chiffon material, there is a feeling of transparency, and it does not weigh styling, and gives a glossy rhythm to the whole. It rolls gently, and it produces a good afterglow.
One piece, of course, it is a convenient one piece, because it is versatile even if it is layered as an inner such as other tops.

* this is a reservation item. Delivery is scheduled for February 2022.

Model size: 1
Height: 124 cm (size 1)

Model size
Women's model
Height: 167CM bust: 78 cm waist
Men's model:
18cm bust: 84 cm waist: 69 cm hip

Material: 100% / 100% polyester

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