Nietzsche Gaucho Pants

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Nietzsche's style of textiles is the textiles of the original brand.I expressed the process of thinking and the change of it.The base is a widoid gaucho pants, and the West is a full gombert specification.I can wear a rough on my rough raff.

The box-shaped pockets that hit the front desk are made from the new material, which is made of a new material made from Japanese paper.The styling will be upgraded to the tightening mode at a time.

Designers themselves are obsessed with the need to compromise their design and design for the environment.

Model Wear Size: 1
West: 98cm, hip: 23.5cm, groin: 57 cm (size 1)
Materials: Polyester 100 %, Washi Leather (Washi 100 %, Rayon 100 %) 
Model Size: Height: 177cm Bust: 80 cm West: 60 cm Hip 88cm

● There may be some changes in the delivery period or in the specification for production purposes.
Images are a sample image -The specifications may be changed in the event of a slight difference between the photograph and the actual product, or the specification without notice.Please be careful.

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