La France Bold Sweat

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This is a unique sweatshirt with a Western style of vinyl and a French like a motif, sewn once in a polyester cloth, and then cut into the sweat to penetrate the sweat.

According to one theory, the origin of the word "La France" is said to be "ugly."Today, however, it has a good image, such as elegines and high noble.In this era, the values of people change, and a positive message from the designer that the world and common sense is changing is a piece of a witty design.

The reason why the waji is out of the sweatshirt is a message that says, "I will not be caught in the framework of the existing concept."Thanks to the oversized silhouette and the balance between the perrons and the checkered cloth, we perfumed the exquisite sensation without too much power.

This is an Aegis care item that can be washed in a washing machine for a polyester and a cottonstock.

Model Wear Size: 3
The height: 71cm, width: 58cm (size 2)
The height of the kimono: 76cm, the width of the body: 63cm (size 3)
Material: Cotton 100 %, Polyester 100 %
Nietzsche-Polyester 100 %
Ivory, Black-Recycled Polyester 100 %
Model Size: Height: 186cm Bust: 90 cm West: 73cm Hipp 86cm

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