Horse Knit Vest Dress

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This is a unique Longnit beast sewn by vintage illustrations.

The front horse and duck are paired illustrations, which are illustrations of vintage science books describing the process and how the center of gravity changes each other.An illustration with a witty and witty illustration will make it feel like a Noble or a shale in a northur.

The base is a low-gauge wool material with a roe thickness gauge.I have a sense of existence and a sense of luxury that I don't lose in the illustrations.Both sides have more than 2m of the niche belts of the same material.As the ribbon knots are short and tight, there are many items that are too tight to be tight, so designers themselves are so obsessed that they are made with a good length of time.

Through one of the first and left belts of the belt, I make a simple one-knot, and then I make it look more like a manish.

Model Wearing Size: F
Material: Wool 100 %, Polyester100 %
Model size:
IVORY wearer model-Height: 180cm chest: 84cm West: 63cm Hipp: 90cm
Model for wearing BLACK-Height: 177cm-Bust: 80 cm west: 60 cm Hip 88cm 

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