Flower bulbs bicolor wrapping shirt

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The blue floral pattern is the signature of the brand. It seems to be the spring and summer, and it produces the appearance that the innocent poison is effective.

If you open the button on the sleeve, it is 2WAY specification that changes to the silhouette of a line as an open sleeve. It is active as a light outer by putting out the arm, putting out the feeling, and wearing an overlay.

The material is recycled polyester and cotton can be washed in the house if you enter the net.


Model size: 1

Model size
Blue height: 170cm bust: 85CM waist: 60cm hip: 86cm
MultiHeight: 175 cm bust: 82 cm waist: 61 cm hip: 93 cm


Due to the convenience of production, there may be some changes in delivery time and specifications.
The image is a sample image. If the product is slightly different, the specification may change without notice. Please understand beforehand.

Size guide
Women: F: free, 0: s, 1: m, 2: l, 3: XL, 4: XXL
Men: F: free, 0: XS, 1: s, 2: m, 3: l, 4: XL