Flower bulbs bicolor jacket

¥27,280 ¥68,200

It is a jacket with big power shoulder and delicate blue bulbs.

The top fabric is made of a material made of the material which is made of recycled polyester material. It is possible to carry out the ironing though there is a luxury feeling that can correspond to the formal.

The collar part is 2 way that can be used as a collar for the collar.

* this is a reservation item. Delivery is scheduled for November, 2021.


Model size: 1

Model size
GrayHeight: 186cm bust: 85CM waist: 69 cm hip
Beige - Height: 175 cm bust: 82 cm waist: 61 cm hip: 93 cm

Material:Recycled star Policster


* cancellation of a reservation item is not possible.
Due to the convenience of production, there may be some changes in delivery time and specifications.
The image is a sample image. If the product is slightly different, the specification may change without notice. Please understand beforehand.

Size guide
Women: F: free, 0: s, 1: m, 2: l, 3: XL, 4: XXL
Men: F: free, 0: XS, 1: s, 2: m, 3: l, 4: XL