【Reserved product】 BRA DOCKING KNIT VEST

This season's collection theme's separation of the theme is the characteristic of the building society, and the keyword is the keyword, and the switching is a sleeveless-to-back.

This season's collection theme's separation of the separation of the theme is the "Country and cities" keywords, and the knit vest with a bold bra tap with a nit vest with a simple and easy handicrafting knitwear. The base is adopted as a warm crazy knit knit knitting. A hint of a farmer's art movement that is supposed to be affected by one of the members of the separated construction party, and a hint is on the design base. On the other hand, by placing the bra tap bold and giving a sense of tension, we are challenging the uniformity design of relaxation and tension coexistence.
The bra top part has adopted a fabric of Rijocel mixed riillocell, which is a regenerated fiber (Liillocell is a regenerative fiber made by melting Eucalyptus (wood) with a special solvent. Collect and reuse the solvent, waste liquid It is not released to the natural world, and is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly sustainable fiber). With the one who is twisted at the center, three-dimensional and engraved creation will be born and given a sophisticated impression.

※ This will be a reserved product. The delivery is scheduled for February 2022.


Model Wear Size: 1
Length: 67 cm (Size 1)

Model Size: Height: 167cm Bust: 78 cm West: 56cm Hip: 86cm

Material: COTTON50% Acrylic 50% / Lyocell 55% NYLON 32% Polyurethane 2%

● Cancellation of reserved products is disabled.
● For the convenience of production, there may be some changes to delivery and specifications.
● The image is a sample image. If the photos and actual products are slightly different, the specifications may be changed without notice. Please note.

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