[Reserved product] Big Versatile Lapel

¥8,250 ¥16,500

This season's collection theme is characterized by "sculpture and plastic" and "rural and urban" keywords, which are the 3WAY beiglapels produced in the brand original text style.It is a universal item that, of course, is a collar, a scant wrapped around the waist, scaped into a top, and dressed like a vest, and all kinds of kimawashi can be worn.

There are three kinds of Tsuka.The white and black color of the prets is the beige color of the lily race.
The diagrament pleats are directed by a non-other, impectedic plc-like mode.The 100 % recycled polyester satten is used for the fuji.A moderate luster with a sense of pearl is beautiful and smooth texture.You can enjoy a style while taking into consideration the environment.
The lace was applied to lace curtain technology and made a lily-based illustration of the original brand.You can see some retroactive flavor and the texturestyle of the pachywork.A light dressing place makes it suitable for a layered line with any item.
Silver's blonde logo plate is not on the edge.A delicate ditir creates a firm sense of high quality and sophisticated impressions.

*This reserved product.It is scheduled to be delivered in February 2022.

IVORY, BLACK: Polyester 100 % (Recycled polyester 42.6 %)
BEIGE: Polyeseter

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