【Reserved product】 Big Hole Asymmetry Cardigan

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This season's collection theme's separation of the theme is the characteristic of the construction society, "sculptive things" keywords, asymmetric cutout cardigan tops.

As the shoulder and chest are cut in an exquisite balance, the shoulder and chest is cut in an exquisite balance. For asymmetric silhouettes, the aligned buttons tighten the whole and give a relaxed impression.
The material is adopted a fabric of Riyocell mixing, which is a regenerative fiber. (Liillocell is a regenerated fiber made by melting Eucalyptus (wood) with a special solvent. In order to recover and reuse the solvent, waste liquid is not released to the natural world and is attracting attention as an eco-friendly sustainable fiber )
It is a single piece that is easy to wear because various styling depends on the inner.

※ This will be a reserved product. The delivery is scheduled for February 2022.

Model Wear Size: 1
Length: 67 cm Bust: 102 cm (size1)

Model Size: Height: 167cm Bust: 78 cm West: 56cm Hip: 86cm

Material: Lyocell 55% NYLON 32% Polyurethane 2%

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