[Reserved product] Air Pleded Coat

¥68,750 ¥137,500

The brand signature Pleated Court is a trench coat that docks pleated boldly to the front.

Here's the Collection Theme of this season, the characteristic of the separated building society, the keyword "Countryside and the city", the designer hand-drawn "country pattern" (BLUE) and the place where it is easy to match in urban suit fabrics (Beige) 2 It was a color development.

BLUE is a brand original commitment fabric made of 100% recycled polyester.
Beige uses a senior wool that is one of the most quality wool and a sustainable material with a luxury feeling that blended recycled polyester. Both are available for irons. (Low temperature recommended)

The pleat itself is a panel with a button and can be removed and available for 2 ways.
In addition, there is a fastener inside the sleeve and can be opened and closed. It is possible to open all open and take arms, come like a kimono sleeve, and make a sense of nuke while showing the sleeves color.

※ This will be a reserved product. The delivery is scheduled for February 2022.

Model Wear Size: 1 Length: 126.6 cm (Size 1)

Model size:
Height: 167cm Bust: 78 cm West: 56cm Hip: 86cm
Men's model:
Height: 185 cm Bust: 84 cm West: 69cm Hip: 91 cm

Beige: WV52%, Recycled Polyester 43%, PU5% / Polyester 100%
Blue: Recycled Polyester 100% / Polyester 100%

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