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Skin Coat

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This look comes from MIKAGE SHIN's "Skin and Warmth Collection". Mikage, the namesake desinger, was highly inspired by Italian great architect, Gio Ponti. He suggested "Skin and Warmth" as his philosophical aesthetics for creating marvelous buildings. As Ponti examined unique surface and structure thorough using interesting layers and decoration on his architectures, Mikage also attempted to find new unique and playful design through structure and maximization of surface on her fashion.

Mikage select a trench coat as the base of this coat, because it is a kind of most basic wardrobes and it makes the border between outside and inside of living human as if buildings. Mikage challenges binging out the internal beauty and outside beauty of all human beings thorough this unique fluid silhouette.

・High neck trench coat with shoulder cape and waist cape.

・Matched with inside Velcro tapes.

・Each cape matched with snap buttons and wearable more
   than three ways.

・The shoulder cape with stitches and the waist cape with

・Patch pockets with flaps on the front body.

・Front welt pocket on the waist cape.

・Stich lines on the shoulder cape.

・Cotton Fabric.

・Poly satin lining.

・According to purchasing, details and some specifications are subject
   to change without notice.

・This photo is for illustrative purposes.

・Details and colors of the images might be different from the real products.

・Made in USA

・One size fits for all.


Didi (Female/ African American): 5'6" / 171cm
Katie (Female/ American): 5'10" / 177.8cm