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LC4Cow Coat


This look comes from MIKAGE SHIN's thesis collection, "Loosing Substances: Metaphysics to Physics, between or among Genders". Mikage, the designer wanted to challenge boring gender stereotypes that have lost substances and they are completely meaningless today. The designer, Mikage, got inspiration from this social situation, and attempted to express new beauty and coolness that unrelated to physical genders.

Mikage, the namesake designer, was inspired by Charlotte Perriand who was one of the great architects who achieved lots of marvelous interior designs in the early 1900’s under Le Corbusier. Even though there was still a huge gender gap under gap in the world, she never minded that. She purely focused on her own work as professional beyond any unreasonable limitation. She was famous as a designer of LC4 series, which were her best-known cowhide pattern chair.

Mikage got inspirations from her courageous achievements and interpreted them into today's style for empowering all individuals who were never defeated by unreasonable gender discrimination.

In addition to that, this coat has secondary backstory. It is that casting doubt on the possibility of “Social Good’”. Mikage has doubted about "false and truth" of today’s ethical issues of sustainability.
Since the eco-fur is a chemical material, it can prevent animals from being killed. Nevertheless, it will not return to the earth completely and it will remain semi-permanently.
On the other hand, real fur is environmentally friendly because it is organic and natural material. All the same, there is the risk of promoting irrational killing of animals.
“Social Good” design and “Sustainable Fashion” has been ambivalent and changed easily if we see them from a different positions.

Both claims have strengths and weaknesses, and not perfect.

What is “ethical“ in the end?
What should we pursue for achieving “Good” for daily fashion?
What is TRUE JUSTICE? Why and for what are we competing?

The designer, Mikage, incorporated real cowhide and eco leather aka faux leather into this coat and she wanted to cast a question these subjects ironically thorough this coat.

・Alpaca wool long coat with huge power shoulders and long sleeves.

・Matched with front buttons.

・Cowhides are 100 % organic and natural material. 

   All are different pattern and  might be different from the real products.

・Fringes on the front body and shoulder made of eco leather.

・Poly satin lining.

・According to purchasing, details and some specifications are subject to change     

   without notice.

・This photo is for illustrative purposes. Details and colors of the images might be

   different from the real products.

・Made in USA

・One size fits for all. 


Julien (Male/ American ): 6' / 180cm