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Ball Formula Necklace

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Black and Silver

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This accessory comes from the designer's first accessory collection, "C7H Collection”.

The designer, Mikage, got the inspiration from a breaking story about newly discovered molecule, C7H.
It was the first successful detection of a linear carbon chain molecule in the space by U.S. National Radio Astronomical Observatory. The discovery of long linear carbon chain molecules can be the key to understand the chemical composition and evolution of the universe.

Mikage, the designer, got inspiration from this romantic story and its unique shape.
This neckless comes with the designer’s wish to make it be the key of bringing out the new beauty and core of your attraction.

・Short necklace with two big balls and long pipe made up of real silver and brass.

・Matched with the metal parts on the backside of neck.

・Balls made up of silver.

・Long brass pipe has a coating with real silver.

・Each product was handmade products made by skilled artisans in Tokyo, Japan.

・According to purchasing, details and some specifications are subject
    to change without notice.

・This photo is for illustrative purposes. Details
    and colors of the images might be different from the real products.

・One size fits for all.


    Ball + Stick: 3 3/4' / 9.5cm